Wojciech Filaber is a talented author from Poland who has made his mark in the literary world with his captivating stories for readers of all ages. Born in 1982 in Masuria, a picturesque lake district in northern Poland, Wojciech’s love for storytelling was inspired by the natural beauty and wonder that surrounded him.

In 2014, Wojciech published a book of bilingual stories that helped children learn Polish and English. He followed this with his first young adult novel, War Bear, which tells the story of Wojtek, the soldier bear gained widespread acclaim and established him as a writer to watch.

Inspired by the heroic animals that accompanied soldiers during times of war, Wojciech has continued to write books that tell their remarkable stories. His latest books, Ciapek, the Co-Pilot Dog and Ciapek, the Forgotten War Hero, are a moving tribute to the brave animals that played a crucial role in history.

He has been praised for his natural ability to speak to the minds of a young readership through the medium of rich yet simple narration.

Wojciech regularly visits schools and inspires young people with his stories and dreams that one day his stories will be adapted for the big screen, where they can reach a wider audience.